today itchy

last monday went in and let rip at bank. i probably moaned in last postings about BS overdraft charge..i dunno.. but monday i threatened to move my 4 accounts (isa, ccard and two current accounts) and 15 years of servitude unless they refunded my £66. She wouldn’t.

Spoke to manager Susan who said i had to do it at the branch i opened account. Laughed in her face, literally, got up to leave and wouldn’t take no for an answer. i got my money.

Went from bank a few doors down and booked another two tats. Came to £60. I said we should call it £66.They were very confused.

Friday got them done. One of the small ones is just so fucking itchy today it is unreal. 

Today at work the boss was weird with me. We had usual squabbles…really, it’s all good, keeps us both on our toes and teaches us both of old and new ways of doing things„„

I stayed on late. At the end he started saying about company vehicle and how not to use it for personal use. i was like, oh yeh, course. He gave me enough rope until he tells me he spotted me last night (20+ miles away from anywhere i could reasonably make a valid excuse up, on the spot anyway..). Shit. Has hinted before, basically said if he sees me again he’ll take it off me. Was proper strict warning, bit of finger pointing. hmmm.

I can’t afford a car, this company vehicle has changed my life for the better.

Came back to Liz who has been camped out all day here. She tiled my floor lol. Cleaned everything and made me a coffee when i got in. #trip

Rattled a few vodkas, had a shower.

Got a ton of work to do. Webshites.

The fact i have the computer open is good, this is just a slight bit of procrastination, i’m getting there…. ok, i’m gonna start..NOW!


Got trashed last night. Doing shots with a tin of foam crystals from the 1980s LOL. Also a bottle of wine…and vodka lemonade on the train.

So, mates went in to gig and i realised my ticket was in the rucksack we had just stashed in some stairwell. (not drunky at all..) So go back to get it.

Then a young steward tells me i’m too drunk to get in. I was drunk, yes, but hardly too drunk for a concert. Was not staggering, was not loud or anything like that. I probably stank of booze tho.

I was respectful to him, etc, etc, but after 20 minutes i was pretty angry. All the stewards were backing him up.

Went over to police and said to them ‘do i seem overly drunk or disorderly?’ They said no, but that it’s nothing to do with them, my KB from the door… I said well if i was ejected from the concert you are there to support the venue and staff. So i’m not let in the concert then you should support me. Twenty bux a ticket ffs.

Anyway. Needless to say I didn’t get in. Fun. Now what? Talked away to people who were in the smoking pen and some of them felt bad for me. Poor old me. Got bored and went back for booze and got a train home, while continuing to drink.

On the way back i sat with 3 women who gave me their fish n chips :)

On taxi home my iphone dropped as I got out and yes, 3rd screen this year gone. 

Woke at 7am and couldn’t get back to sleep.